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Sustainable Design Group Architects and Builders Innovation Sustainable Design Group has been a pioneer and innovator in green high performance homes for decades. We have developed numerous building and renewable energy products and technologies to maximize comfort and health while minimizing operating costs and environmental footprint. Our highly refined designs incorporate tested and proven techniques for building comfortable, healthy, high performance, zero-energy homes, including:
• Passive solar heating
• Natural cooling
• All natural nontoxic materials
• Compressed earth brick walls made on site
• Solar power and hot water
• Geothermal heating and cooling
• Radiant floor heating
• Reused and recycled materials
• Rain water collection
• Energy efficient appliances and lighting Our attention to detail results in homes that can be self-sufficient and completely independent of the electricity, water, and sewer grids.

Our homes provide a high level of energy independence and security from high energy costs and interruptions in energy or water supply. Style Style is the synthesis of experience, innovation and design. Experience puts the project on a solid, strong foundation. Innovation yields meaningful, measurable performance. But great design, delivers a home that is timeless and transcendent, yet uniquely personal. Imagine a home designed around you, your family, and the way you live. You talk, we listen. Ideas, thoughts, issues, concerns, and costs, all of it gets considered in the design process. Out of that process, your home will emerge, a vivid, vital expression of who you are, giving your home a unique style you can call your own.

We are architects and master builders specializing in green solar homes and renovations. Our mission is to build the most comfortable, healthy, efficient and environmentally responsible homes possible. Our master builders are committed to craftsmanship and strict environmental protection. Experience SDG President John Spears has been designing and building healthy, energy-efficient, green, solar homes around the world for over 35 years with an emphasis on self-sufficient buildings and communities. He has designed sustainable communities in Mexico, South Africa, and China, including the Beijing Olympic Village. Over 6,000 of John Spears’ Earth Homes have been built around the world, and he has consulted on numerous LEED projects. His work has been featured in many national publications including Better Homes and Gardens, Building Ideas and Popular Science, and he has been featured several times on Home and Garden TV (HGTV)’s Dream Builders and Old Homes Restored. Most recently our Falls Church, Virginia Earth Home was featured on Planet Green’s Renovation Nation.


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