Jean Sukys, Show Manager

Jean Sukys
Show Manager

Phone: 703-444-8711

When Jean is not busy cheering on her two handsome boys at their games, she's busy cheering on her team for contracts, checking call counts and calling you for your next payment.  A decor aficionado, Jean loves up cycling, decorating and spending time with her family.

Decorating Tip: Don't hang your artwork too high. It should be only about 6 inches from the top of the sofa or on a wall without furniture under it.  It should be eye level, assuming the average person is 5'6" tall.

christie headshot

Christie Elig
Exhibit Sales Consultant

Phone: 571-814-4948
Companies: #, A-F

While Christie won't admit to driving a minivan, she's still the coolest mom we know.  Always focused on sales (and absolutely nothing else), you can always call Christie for a great booth rate! In her free time, Christie enjoys spending time with her husband, three kids and two dogs.

Decorating Tip: Fight the urge to match.  Retail stores love to perpetuate the fallacy that everything has to match.  They would love for you to buy everything in sets, but don't do it! A few pieces with the same styling are fine, but any more than that and your home has the lifeless, generic look of a furniture showroom.

Rachel headshot

Rachel Whitman-Rush
Exhibit Sales Consultant

Phone: 703-775-0073
Companies: G-M

Rachel brings her previous show knowledge from her former employer. When she's not making 60 dials a day, she is busy planning fun team building office events. She lives in a little apartment in the heart of one of the 216's most hip streets. She loves to travel in her free time & spend time hanging with her nephew.

Exhibitor Tip: 
Treat your exhibit space display as if your celebrity icon is about to walk in the show and come up to talk with you. You want it to be clean, creative & eye-catching. Make sure you stand out from your competitors as this is one of the top parts of the show that consumers will remember when making business decisions. Most importantly though, have fun with it!

Danielle Headshot (2)

Danielle Randolph
Exhibit Sales Consultant

Phone: 571-814-4947
Companies: N-Re

Danielle has always been a driven salesperson from her first lemonade stand on Williamsburg Drive. Always loving good conversation and meeting new people, sales has always come naturally. From selling mutual funds to advertisements, she believes in the power of face to face meetings which is why she thinks home shows are great for businesses. Danielle loves to spend time with her husband, daughter, and dog Kaso because family is everything. 

Decorating Tip: Less is best. Go through your house and purge once in awhile. Buy bigger furniture or artwork that you love and spend less on a lot of smaller decor so that you can change it later without feeling guilty!


Cathy Berthold
Exhibit Sales Consultant

Phone: 703-444-8712
Companies: Rf- Z

Cathy began her business career at the age of 15 while working in the offices of an upscale residential decorating and cleaning company.   After earning a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio Cathy joined a global leader in staffing and Human Resource solutions where she further honed her marketing and sales skills during her 20 year career as a contingency recruiter. Throughout the years, Cathy has held various leadership roles with area Chambers of Commerce and nonprofit organizations. Clients appreciate her sincerity, warmth and passion for providing exceptional service. Cathy attributes her natural ability to build rapport with others as a key component to her success.

Kelly headshot

Kelly Baugh
Operations Coordinator

Phone: 571-814-4949

Part time Ops coordinator, full time comic relief. When Kelly is not busy wrangling up landscapers or creating new features, she spends her time decorating her new house, indulging in long naps, and cheering on Cleveland sports.

Exhibitor Tip: Sometimes less is more.Think polished, clean displays- if you are questioning if you need that extra pop up banner, you don't!

Kelsey Collins

Kelsey Collins
Show|Office Administrator

Phone: 703-775-0074

Kelsey is our newest team member to the Capital Shows. When she is not busy updating the website and keeping the finances in order, she enjoys hanging out at home, watching Days of our Lives and playing with her new puppy Max!

Decorating Tip: A throw pillow is a great way to bring color to any room! I like to pair pillows that are different in color and have different patterns.

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