Lisa Gardon, Show Manager

Lisa Gardon
Show Manager

Phone: 716-429-6626

Favorite Design Tip: A creative & inexpensive way to update the look in a room is update a chair in the space. If an old chair frame is in good shape, it can easily be repainted, reupholstered and loved like new again!

Stephanie Head Shot

Stephanie Shemik
Sales Manager

Phone: 703-935-3177 
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Favorite Design Tip:
Get rid of it!  If you are finding the clutter collection in your home overwhelming, ask the following questions when deciding what to part ways with: Has it served a functional purpose in the past year?  Is it something that my family will cherish in future generations?  If the answer is no, then take it to consignment, or donate it.

Kara website

Kara Fatigati
Exhibit Sales Consultant

Phone: 571-814-4948
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Paula website


Phone: 317-385-2558
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Kelly headshot

Kelly Baugh
Operations Coordinator

Phone: 571-814-4949

Exhibitor Tip: Sometimes less is more.Think polished, clean displays- if you are questioning if you need that extra pop up banner, you don't!

Kelsey Collins

Kelsey Christopher
Show|Office Administrator

Phone: 703-775-0074

Favorite Design Tip: A throw pillow is a great way to bring color to any room! I like to pair pillows that are different in color and have different patterns.

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