Who Attends

  • 95% are homeowners who are looking to improve their living spaces

  • 66% attend with their spouse or significant other—meet both decision makers!

  • 63% have a high household income, making $100,000 or more

Why They Attend

  • 61% are looking for home decorating ideas

  • 56% are coming to see new products/services

  • 57% want home renovation ideas

  • 61% are interested in gardening, landscaping or patio ideas

  • 22% come to see/compare new costs

Projects Planned - How They Plan to Spend

  • 55% are planning a major gardening, landscaping or patio project

  • 34% are decorating or planning an interior design project

  • 44% are planning a kitchen or bathroom renovation project

  • 57% are planning a major renovation

  • 58% will purchase major home furnishings, electronics or entertaining products

This is how we attract qualified visitors
Our strategic marketing campaign targets qualified visitors by way of print, television, radio, direct mail and web based advertising and public relations coverage. Fresh features, hot celebrities and quality exhibits attract new and loyal show-goers alike.

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